The Old Town Market in Brest

Если вы приехали в Брест, то мы настойчиво рекомендуем посетить рынок «Старый Город», на котором, вы можете ознакомиться с ассортиментом сотен компаний-производителей белорусского трикотажа, а также заключить взаимовыгодные контракты на поставки белорусской трикотажной одежды для вашей торговой точки.

If you have come to Brest, we strongly recommend visiting the "Old City" market, where you can explore the assortment of hundreds of Belarusian knitwear manufacturers, as well as make mutually beneficial contracts for the supply of Belarusian knitwear to your retail store.

The "Old City" market has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Most manufacturers that produce women's knitwear not only from the Brest region but also from all over Belarus are present on this market. Businessmen who have decided to engage in the supply of Belarusian knitwear to their city for the first time should visit to familiarize themselves with the range of products offered.
  • The opportunity to purchase Belarusian knitwear in a variety of quantities, ranging from retail to large wholesale batches. The only downside to this method of purchasing products is a slight increase in price compared to purchasing products directly from the factory.
  • Affordability of products. Purchasing Belarusian knitwear at the "Old City" market will cost you significantly less than purchasing the same products from large Russian wholesale companies. Convenient railway communication eliminates all problems associated with trip planning.

Market hours

The market operates daily from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM. However, we do not recommend visiting it during pre- and post-New Year holidays. The market itself is located at the intersection of Lutskaya and 28 Iulya streets. It takes only 20 minutes by taxi to get from the railway station to the market, which is significantly cheaper than in Russia.

updated 21 April 2023 18:11